Dynamic development of the product and service range has helped to create a vibrant capital group comprised of the central securities depository KDPW and the clearing house KDPW_CCP. Both companies are the pillars of the post-trade infrastructure and offer an integrated package of services for the financial market. Our strengths include complementary services, state-of-the-art technologies, and professional customer service to ensure the satisfaction of clients including leading renowned businesses in many different sectors. With robust system resources, qualified experts and a broad range of modern services, KDPW has an independent strong position on the international financial market.
KDPW is responsible for the settlement of transactions concluded on the regulated and alternative trading systems. It also offers a wide-range of services for issuers. KDPW offers also the trade repository service to issues LEI codes. KDPW_CCP is a modern clearing house and clears transactions using a range of mechanisms which reduce the risk of counterparty default on a systemic basis. It is authorized under EMIR for clearing of transactions in PLN and EUR.