CENTRL’s BNM360 is the most comprehensive and advanced platform for Bank Network Management, enabling automation of the end-to-end due diligence process to a degree not available till now.  The platform includes modules for DDQ monitoring and RFPs, Account Management Workflows, Master Agent Bank & Account Database and Account Recertification. Built by leading technologists in collaboration with global network managers, BNM360 delivers significant operational efficiencies through highly automated workflows, collaboration and configurability.  It also provides deep risk analytics, powerful regulatory compliance capabilities and -- as a modern SaaS platform -- is highly cost effective to implement and maintain. 

BNM360 is being used by some of the largest global banks in the world. Designed as a true industry-wide network, the CENTRL platform is building direct links with major custodians while providing them a highly intuitive and powerful portal for their use.  

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