MYRIAD Group Technologies provides technology solutions that span the full spectrum of client engagement and network management. Our products address the complete lifecycle management of counterparty relationships of any nature. From client onboarding and ongoing due diligence through to network and cost management, we deliver technology that supports governance, mitigates risk, underpins compliance and helps control costs, using organised data, documentation and straightforward processes and procedures across the board. Pre-onboarding, client onboarding and lifecycle management processes are performed through Embus, whilst MYRIAD delivers multiple network management support solutions at the other end of the value chain. CODUDE exclusively and entirely manages the end-to-end due diligence cycle, utilizing standard and non-standard questionnaires, all in one place. Enabling teams to support operational excellence through collaborative technology, the production of reportable intelligence and generating economy of effort are central to the value that we deliver to our clients.


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