Software Daten Service

Software Daten Service (SDS), a subsidiary of T-Systems, specialises in the development of standardised banking software, in particular for international securities processing and financial service providers.

Within the GEOS Suite, SDS offers a software for the real-time processing of securities and derivatives for international financial service providers such as retail, private and transaction banks as well as custodians.

In addition SDS focusses on tax reporting and securities compliance:

i:Reg is built for tax reporting covering several regimes like OECD CRS, FATCA and QI.

m:Cost covers the MiFIDII requirements for Cost & Charges as well as Best Execution.

c:Conform supports the compliance officer in complying with the regulatory requirements of MADII/STOR.

In addition to its software portfolio, Software Daten Service offers managed testing services and solution consulting.

More than 600 clients and 10.000 users in 80 countries are relying on solutions from SDS.


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