Lacuna Solutions

Lacuna’s ClientScope™ combines the latest technology and advanced data techniques with in-depth knowledge of wholesale and corporate banking. The result: a complete 360 degree view of the client.


With a range of modules designed to support each and every part of the client journey, from on-boarding and KYC/AML through to negative media and account ownership changes ClientScope is the solution of choice for many of the industry’s leading institutions.


At the Network Forum Lacuna is announcing its ground-breaking tool created specially for Network Managers called CS AFME DDQ Tool that has been designed to help consume and complete the ever expanding AFME Due Diligence Questionnaire.


The CS AFME DDQ Tool provides automation and intelligence to relieve the complexity of the existing process, both in the completion of the document and also in the way the answers from the third party questionnaires are addressed.


The CS AFME DDQ Tool significantly reduces the amount of time in the management and administration of the document. It makes the process streamlined and efficient and eliminates potential omissions and oversights.


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