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Following the unprecedented support of the inaugural Annual Meeting of The Network Forum in Poland, we are honoured to be holding the sister event for the African markets in March 2018 in Cape Town - immediately following the legendary bike race of the Cape. This Meeting is the key gathering point for over 130+ capital market leaders from an asset management and servicing, investment banking and custody background. Please have a look around the website to see what a superb line up of discussion points, partners and speakers we have. 

Whilst we are aware of the chronic water shortages in the Cape, we are keen to support the local business community and as such we are running the Africa Meeting in a business-as-usual approach. That said we aim to save like a local, and keep our usage to a minimum. You can still have a fantastic conference without wasting resources, and we ask that you take special care when you visit.

Please contact us on info@thenetworkforum.net for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town in March!


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