Thomas Murray enables financial institutions to understand markets and counterparties, reduce risk, and improve their operations. Dedicated to greater market transparency and investor protection, Thomas Murray combines granular market knowledge with leading technology and robust risk opinions to provide its clients with a global perspective of their risk exposure. Our intraday data and risk analysis empowers financial institutions to make confident judgements to protect and service investments.

Founded in 1994, Thomas Murray now monitors over 100 markets and thousands of counterparties including CSDs, CCPs, transfer agents and sub-custodians. This year at The Network Forum we will be focusing on our new Cash Correspondent Monitoring solution – an industry-led initiative helping banks to meet new requirements to perform third-party oversight of their correspondents. With several groups falling foul of AML regulation, sanction busting and other systemic failures in recent years, Thomas Murray is delighted to have launched a timely and much-needed solution.