Established on June, 1898, NBE is the first and largest commercial bank in the Egyptian banking sector with a paid-up capital of EGP 50 bn and an issued capital of EGP 100 bn.

For more than 123 years, NBE has played a pivotal role in the banking sector in particular and the national economy at large, by carrying out the role of the Central Bank of Egypt and through its customary banking services as a commercial bank until 1950. After the nationalization of NBE in 1960, the bank purely became a commercial bank, but it continued performing the functions of the CBE in areas where the latter had no branches.

NBE enjoys a substantial international rank, as reflected through its presence in London, Khartoum, and its branches in New York and Shanghai, also Juba and Al Riyadh branches that will be opened soon. The bank has representative offices in Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, and Dubai.

Thereby, NBE has continuously proven its commitment to enhancing the lives of Egyptians. As one of Egypt's top contributors to social responsibility, NBE demonstrated its unwavering support and pioneering role in financing healthcare, education, and economic projects that directly impact the living conditions of Egyptian citizens.

The bank has the largest widespread network of branches and outlets with 604 branches, and launched for the first time in Egypt the electronic service branches, that currently reached 37 branches. Furthermore, NBE’s network now proudly includes more than 55 branches that are qualified to welcome and serve customers in sign language, NBE also provides more than 34 ATMs for people with special needs and 101 ATMs for visually impaired customers, while planning to expand these machines in all its branches & the first mobile bus branch in Egypt and the Middle East.